I like letters. I think deep down I always have but it wasn't fully obvious to me until I had my first ever calligraphy lesson with Gaye Godfrey- Nicholls in early 2013. It was a beginners class and we were learning Italics, a well-known, traditional calligraphy script. Writing with a nib and ink was a whole new world to me. I seemed to pick it up quite easily though compared to the other students, which encouraged me a lot.

I soon discovered that as valuable as it was learning traditional scripts, my heart was aching to attempt some modern calligraphy styles. I purchased an online course from Molly Jacques and began teaching myself her modern calligraphy style. I loved how there were less rules and more opportunities to create your own unique alphabets. Around this time I was also introduced to brush lettering which produces great textures within your letters. My all-time favourite types of lettering are those that embrace mistakes and imperfections.

A year ago I was undecided on what direction I wanted to take my lettering and I remember listening to some advice from Seanwes on how to discover your passion. He suggested examining your Instagram feed and observing what type of people you are mostly following. I'd guessed that there were a lot of calligraphers and hand letterers on my feed but what surprised me was the amount of street artists I was following. This one moment opened my eyes to my street art obsession. I looked back at my past and realised I had never missed an opportunity to discover street art especially when I was travelling.

This was when I decided I wanted to create lettering murals.




Best Exhibit : Calligraphy - Perth Royal Show, September 2016
First Prize Intermediate Calligraphy - Perth Royal Show, September 2016
First Prize Beginners Calligraphy - Perth Royal Show, September 2015


Modern Scribe, December 2017 Modern Scribe, June 2015
iHart Crystal Skull Exhibition, April 2015
A Calligraphic Christmas, December 2013


Carl Rohrs - Modern calligraphic Brush, October 2017
Debbie Longfield - Layout & Design, August 2016
Brody Neuenschwander - From Horizontal to Vertical Advanced, July 2016
Brody Neuenschwander - Text Creating Texture Advanced, July 2016
Colleen Little - Pointed Pen Versals and their Variations, April 2016
Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls - Byway to Byzantine, March 2016
Yukimi Annand - Making Expressive Textures (SSiW Melbourne), July 2015
Thomas Ingmire - Lettering as Drawing (SSiW Melbourne), July 2015
Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls - Pointed Pen Workshop, March 2015
Wayne Thompson - Type by Hand, October 2014
Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls - Cohesive Collage, September 2014
Olive Bull - One Alphabet, Twenty Six Techniques, April 2014